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Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment



The I Wear Glam Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment is a lightweight bonnet that attaches to any hand held dryer! Our Bonnet Dryer Attachment was customized specially for I Wear Glam with a great ventilation system , the finest material and of course our pink I Wear Glam logo. Made of heat resistant material with build in holes inside the bonnet that circulate heat evenly around the entire area to give you the professional treatment as a salon dryer. Product also includes a drawstring in bonnet to adjust size and make sure bonnet is completely tight and snug. This product is great for drying the braids of installs, great for treatments, roller setting styles and many more! Enjoy the beauty of the salon hair dryer at home with out I Wear Glam Hair Dryer Bonnet!

-Easy to Use
-Light Weight
-Convenient For Travel
-Fits Most Dryers
-Great for drying installs
-Great for treatments and conditioning


Handheld dryer NOT included. Recommended for use on low heat seating or as tolerated. Never allow hose area to become twisted or blocked. Do NOT trap ears or neck inside bonnet when applied. IF IN USE AND BONNET BECOMES UNCOMFORTABLE REMOVE IMMEDIATELY.

Out of stock