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The Weave Scratcher™



The Weave Scratcher™ is a Quick fix to relieve the ITCH! Designed especially for women who experience one of the most common factors in wearing hair weaves, braids or wigs. THE ITCHY SCALP!

You no longer need to pat your head or use sharp pointy items of any kind. You can safely scratch your scalp with the specially designed Weave Scratcher.  Designed with curve edges to prevent straight poking to the scalp and round ball tips for a smooth soothing scratch. It is firm but flexible and thin which makes it easier to get under the hair weft and braided base with ease.  It’s stylish, lightweight, small and compact, easy to carry and can be used on the go. It can be used immediately after a fresh installation depending on the tightness of your braid pattern and will not ruin your hairstyle or cause tension to your scalp. It’s a quick fix that will not bring attention to you in public.

How to use: Slide the Weave Scratcher™ with teeth facing down into your hair at the irritated spot and gently scratch.

Warning: DO NOT use force when placing the Weave Scratcher into your hair. DO NOT scratch your scalp vigorously with the Weave Scratcher. I WEAR GLAM  Products WILL NOT be liable for the misuse of the Weave Scratcher.

Out of stock